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RAM­PART® pat­terns are inspired by archi­tec­tur­al mate­ri­als and inte­ri­or tex­tiles. Wood, met­al and mason­ry looks speak to RAMPART’s strength and inte­gra­tion in the per­for­mance of heav­i­ly traf­ficked inte­ri­ors. Tex­tile designs that ref­er­ence silk, rus­tic weaves and linen help soft­en the look of wall sur­faces while pro­tect­ing them for the long term. Tex­tures and col­ors sup­port each of the RAM­PART pat­terns, enhanc­ing their aes­thet­ic inten­tion and ensur­ing that walls con­tribute authen­tic­i­ty to over­all archi­tec­ture and inte­ri­or design goals.

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RAMPART® Case Studies

Dunkin’ Restaurant, Worcester, MA

Photographer: Andy Caufield | Design: Dunkin’ Brands Group | RAMPART® Foundation

In an effort to appeal to an “on-the-go” next generation customer, Dunkin’ Donuts has begun remodeling its ubiquitous stores as well as simplifying its name to “Dunkin’,” beginning January 2019. Looking to move away from rigid panels and chair rails with a costeffective, long lasting wall protection product, The Dunkin’ Brands Group selected RAMPART® Foundation. Meeting their goal for a simple, clean, and contemporary aesthetic, the “Stone” colorway will cover walls, floor to ceiling. In some locations, RAMPART may even be installed over ceramic tile.

BrightWave, Atlanta GA

Photographer: Andy Caufield | Design: Dunkin’ Brands Group | RAMPART® Douglas

The RAMPART® woodgrain pattern, Douglas, brings warmth and added interest to the entry of BrightWave, an award-winning email marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Workplace interior design firm, Idea|Span, chose the “Teak” colorway to coordinate with a wood plank tile floor and contrast with the brilliant blue upholstered furniture and blue backlit panels that bear the firm’s logo. In addition to aesthetic value, RAMPART provides a protective surface for this high traffic storefront and corridors.

ER Specialists, Colorado Springs, CO

Photographer: Caleb Tkach | Design: Bobby Hill Designs | RAMPART® Shift

To meet the needs of this new urgent care center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Bobby Hill Designs chose RAMPART® for the interior build-out. Shift, in the “Concrete Mix” colorway was used to protect the lower section of the walls surrounding the main workstation, where medical testing equipment and crash carts are frequently moved from room to room. For the same reason, RAMPART covers walls within the patient treatment rooms.

Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn, NY


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Digital RAMPART®

In addition to RAMPART’s growing number of standard patterns, colors and textures, WG Customs Lab can digitally print photography, illustrations, logos or other artwork for a completely site-specific environment. Dramatic feature walls, branding or wayfinding can be integrated into your own customized RAMPART, applied to substrates with a canvas (Tabby) or silklook (Lay) emboss. When customizing RAMPART with digital printing, you can provide your own artwork, choose from the Wolf-Gordon Curated Collection, or have WG Customs Lab develop your concept. For more information about digital printed RAMPART, please contact [email protected].