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Howl: Issue 09

January 30, 2024

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Space/Pattern/Texture: Profiling designer-artists doing provocative work.

Collection Spotlight:

  • City LaceRaylene Marasco’s new digital wallcovering pattern for Wolf-Gordon, City Lace, draws inspiration from the artist’s personal journey: Marasco transplanted to New York City from rural Pennsylvania in 1987. Photographic images from both soft natural surroundings and harsh, vibrant cityscapes blend together, creating a color field of ethereal shadow and punctuated light. City Lace comes in four distinct colorways and is digitally printed on “Rebel”, our PVC-free substrate. 
  • Armor: Exuberant, outspoken, and loud, Armor from Scuffmaster® by Wolf-Gordon celebrates the energy and daring of punk rock in a finish that is 45 times more durable than traditional paints. Those flashy spots act like tiny bumpers in high-traffic corridors, heavy equipment, and medical areas, and for architectural features. The colors of the base and effect coats can be mixed and matched for a one-of-a-kind look. 
  • Forza: PVC-free RAMPART Resolve® protects walls against impact and abrasion in high-traffic interiors. Forza’s artisanal look is owed to a technique of layering pearl and matte inks with a realistic stone texture. Meaning “strength” in Italian, Forza will give walls the look of solidly built stone while hiding imperfections and scuffs on its surface. The embossing has a rough tactile quality that compliments the pattern’s bold strokes, rendered in multiple layers of color.

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