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GATHER Acoustical

GATHER Acoustical

Introducing GATHER® Acoustical Panels

It’s a fact: acoustical comfort is essential for communication, collaboration, and personal well-being. GATHER helps achieve noise absorption levels that are appropriate for all different types of spaces, from restaurants and lobbies to meeting rooms and study nooks, while introducing attractive color, pattern, and dimension. Designs inspired by architectural elements and materials integrate seamlessly into contemporary interiors, supporting your creative goals.

  • 100% recycled felted polyester panels in 12 heathered and saturated colors and 15 standard designs.
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings ranging from 0.25 to 0.90!
  • Documented sustainability features (see below).
  • Lightweight, 4' x 10' semi-rigid panels panels that can be adhered directly to walls or installed as hanging panels to divide spaces. Z-Clips and standoff hardware is available.
  • Precision Cutouts and V-Groove Engraved techniques that can be customized in the color(s) of your choice.
  • Exclusive 1/4" (6mm) thick material that can be folded into shapes (see Rafter and Shrine) or woven in strips (see Basket). These dimensional designs provide sculptural character and exceptionally high acoustical absorption.
  • Digitally printed panels of standard imagery or your customized artwork.
  • Solution-dyed colors that can be cleaned with a dry brush or damp cloth and disinfected with a diluted chlorine-free bleach (e.g., OxiClean™ or Simple Green®).
  • A design and ordering process completely supported by a dedicated acoustical and construction service.

Good acoustic design involves evaluating several factors, since every surface and the people occupying a space contribute to the amount of noise absorbed (or diffused) and the quality of sound. The standard method for measuring sound absorption is the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) value. The range of results is from 0.0 to 1.0, with a 0.0 rating indicating that a material absorbs no sound and reflects 100% back; a 1.0 rating means that a material absorbs 100% of the sound and reflects none back.

GATHER panels have NRC values ranging from 0.25 to 0.90, depending on the pattern, technique, single or double layering, and distance from a wall. Following are examples of NRC results for different configurations.

  • GATHER is made of 100% recycled PET: 60% post-consumer and 40% pre-consumer recycled polyester.
  • Contains no heavy metals, phthalates, perfluorinated compounds, or urea.
  • Yields low VOCs, as per the CDPH 01350 “Standard Method Version 1.2”.
  • Compliant with the LBC Red List and earns the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 “Confidence in Textiles” label.
  • Product information and ingredients are disclosed on the Declare platform and Mindful Materials.
  • Health Product Declaration (HPD) available at wolfgordon.com.
  • Depending on the technique and installation method, GATHER Acoustical qualifies for one LEED EQ 10.1 credit and earns up to two WELL Sound points.

In addition to installing GATHER panels directly to a wall, certain projects may require hanging the material with hardware. We offer stainless steel standoffs in three sizes: 1", 1.75", and 2.5", for hanging the panels away from a wall to achieve increased sound absorption. Z-Clips are available for installations where the panels need to be removable from a wall.

GATHER panels can be customized in a variety of ways:

  • Supply hi-res photographs, logos, or other artwork for Digital Printing. The maximum image size is 48" x 120"; larger images can be achieved by printing multiple panels.
  • Standard designs in our V-Groove Engraved, Precision Cutouts, and Dimensional techniques can be produced in any of the 12 available colors or color combinations of your choice.
  • WG Customs Lab can scale existing designs or create custom patterns for our V-Groove Engraved and Precision Cutouts techniques based on your design concepts.


Digital Printing
Digital Printing

Enliven a space while improving acoustics with imagery printed on GATHER. We offer four standard designs and custom panels can be produced with photo­graphs, logos, or other supplied artwork. WG Customs Lab will work with you to realize your design.

V-Groove Engraved
V-Groove Engraved

Engraved designs offer textural patterning in addition to absorbing sound. Single-layer patterns have a shallow V-groove engraved into the material. Double-layer designs are cut through the top layer to reveal a base layer of another color, forming a 1/2" panel with an increased acoustics rating.

Precision Cutouts
Precision Cutouts

Designs cut into our 1/4" solid color panels create a striking effect on walls or for space dividers. Our standard designs are laminated to a solid color base layer, creating a double-thick 1/2” panel that increases the NRC value.

Dimensional: Folded
Dimensional: Folded

Three-dimensional designs are created with modules that project from a base panel for a dynamic visual effect. Each shape has tabs that lock into slots in the base layer. Rafter and Shrine provide acoustic diffusion along with sound absorption.

Dimensional: Woven
Dimensional: Woven

Our exclusive 1/4"-thick acoustical material is flexible enough to be woven. Basket features 4.5"-wide strips interwoven to form a panel. When hung from a wall surface with standoff hardware and paired with a solid panel adhered to the wall, this configuration achieves an NRC value of 0.90!