GATHER Installation & Hardware

We recommend that GATHER® Acoustical installations be performed by professionals with experience installing wallcovering, wall-hung panels, and Division 10 items.

The main application for GATHER Acoustical is adhering panels to a wall surface through direct adhesion with a non-solvent-based adhesive. Specific installation guidelines for each design can be found on its product page, in the "Downloads" section.

  • Walls should be clean, dry, structurally sound, and prepared to a Level 4 finish (Level 5 is preferred).
  • A good quality acrylic or latex wallcovering primer/sealer should be applied to the wall.
  • A non-solvent-based adhesive such as Liquid Nails® LN-710, LN-2000, or equivalent is applied to the back of each panel before adhering it to the wall or substrate.
  • Adhesive should be applied around the perimeter and across the central areas in a zigzag or diagonal pattern, as shown below.
GATHER installation: direct adhesion

When GATHER panels cannot be adhered directly to a wall, or for installations where panels need to be removable, we offer Z-Clips and Z-Clip Rails. Z-Clips are 1-1/2" wide and are sold in pairs. Z-Clip Rails are 72" long.

Main uses: V-Groove Engraved (double-layer), Precision Cutouts, and Basket acoustical panels.

GATHER installation: z-clips

Z-Clip Hardware Installation Guidelines

For installations that require enhanced acoustic absorption, or for conditions where up to 2" of distance is desired between the back of a GATHER Acoustical panel and the wall, we offer 1" diameter, stainless steel standoff hardware in 1", 1-3/4", and 2-1/2" lengths.

Main uses: Precision Cutouts (single-layer) panels combined with a solid panel adhered to the wall behind, and Basket acoustical panels.

Standoff diagram

Standoff Hardware Installation Guidelines