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Howl: Issue 05

September 15, 2022

When a Textile Determines Life or Death: the Apollo spacesuit
Tomorrow's Houses from Yesterday: Snapshots from Modern Times
Shaping Concrete with Fabric

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Also included in this issue:

Space/Pattern/Texture: Profiling designer-artists doing provocative work.

Collection Spotlight: Highlighting fresh perspectives from Wolf-Gordon products:

  • Borealis - Bradley L Bowers designed Borealis as a testament to the fact that everything in life is in the process of happening. This pattern’s soft gradient resembles spectral (or alien!) forms morphing into view with a look of subtle movement.
  • RAMPART® Resolve™ - RAMPART Resolve protects walls against impact and abrasion in high-traffic interiors, and it’s PVC-free. Redondo is an intricate, multi-textured embossing joined with a highly detailed print—with metallic accents—to achieve the appearance and tactile experience of concrete (or the moon’s surface!).
  • Sirona - This inherently antimicrobial upholstery textile is worthy of the space age! Unlike other antimicrobial fabrics that contain harmful topical chemical treatments, Sirona is woven with Protect+ technology which embeds natural copper and silver salts into recycled polyester to permanently inhibit the growth of microbes—including staph, E. coli, and klebsiella—in or on the fabric, and reduce the odor caused by bacteria.

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