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Howl: Issue 04

February 14, 2022

Places to Love: Snapshots Through History
Venus Williams
Victoria Yakusha

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Also includ­ed in this issue:

Space/​Pattern/​Texture: Pro­fil­ing design­er-artists doing provoca­tive work.

Col­lec­tion Spot­light: High­light­ing fresh per­spec­tives from Wolf-Gor­don products:

  • Jaipur by Boym Part­ners — Invok­ing the crafts of India and the sen­su­al­i­ty of Hin­du imagery, look care­ful­ly and you will spot deities, ele­phants and oth­er exot­ic crea­tures in this Type II Wallcovering.
  • Ele­na by V Starr — The fig­u­ra­tive fea­ture of The Muse Col­lec­tion by V Starr, Ele­na is a mate­lassé tex­tile inspired by the joy of movement.
  • Pelle — Feel­ing just like skin, Pelle is a high-qual­i­ty sil­i­cone for­mu­la­tion that resists stains, includ­ing oils, ink and den­im dye.

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