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Howl: Issue 07

June 25, 2023

Project HI > AI: The Contrast of Human to Artificial Intelligence
Smashing Silos: Why Contemporary Ceramics are Having a Moment
Before We Were Modern: Reappraising the Importance of Art Deco

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Also included in this issue:

Space/Pattern/Texture: Profiling designer-artists doing provocative work.

Collection Spotlight: GATHER® Acoustical 

  • Ella - Precision cutout and double layered GATHER® Acoustical panels achieve noise reduction coefficients (NRC) of 0.45 to mitigate noise in commercial interiors, and, if installed with our standoff hardware, can reach 0.80! The Ella design is based on an exquisite tile pattern of graceful arcs that build to an overall floral effect in 100% recycled, felted PET.
  • Rafter - Perfectly cut, scored and folded modules are inserted into a standard ¼-inch panel to create this exciting dimensional wall with a 0.55 NRC. The Rafter design in GATHER® Acoustical panels can be interpreted in single or multiple colorways. Choose from the collection’s 12 neutral and chromatic solid colors of 100% recycled, felted PET.
  • Basket - Another Wolf-Gordon dimensional exclusive, Basket is a handwoven super-scaled basketweave that can be adhered directly to a wall for a 0.50 NRC or installed with standoff hardware for an impressive 0.90 NRC. Create a dramatic feature wall that has exceptional acoustical performance with GATHER® Acoustical.

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