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Howl: Issue 02

June 29, 2021

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Howl’s second issue is fresh off the press with features that dive into iconic fashion designs, tapestries that play with past and present, and stories that take us through one individual's experience enduring the pandemic in New York City.

  • A Repeat Performance a feature piece by Libby Sellers, takes us on a trip through the 60s, delving into the inspiration behind English textile designer Celia Birtwell’s bold, romantic, and timeless patterns.
  • A Horticulturist’s Dreamscape a review of Thomas Renwart’s design process, which takes root in the observation of flowers and insects.
  • On the Radar: Monica Kumar in which Anna Zappia gets insight into an emerging interior designer's survival story in New York, during the pandemic. Through Kumar’s lived experiences she was able to focus her efforts on equity issues in the design industry and work to address the “how” in instituting change.
  • Howl continues with a section called “Space/Pattern/Texture” which profiles three designer-artists who are doing provocative work in graphic art, textile art, and painting.

A quick Collection Spotlight puts the focus on three of Wolf-Gordon's products that give a fresh perspective on biophillic design: a digital print wallcovering inspired by Swedish floral patterning; an upholstery textile pattern based on a macro view of a vineyard that allows one to admire its organic form; and, one of our new CLAIR® PVC-free Type II wallcoverings featuring a refined woodgrain look.

Finally, we waded through the abundance of exhibitions, lectures, podcasts, and other online resources, identifying five of our favorites. From the advent of Postmodernism to bipartisan collaboration on a textile installation, this issue’s favorites are listed with links to their sources.

Feedback and suggestions for future content can be addressed to [email protected].

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