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Howl: Issue 08

September 18, 2023

Check, Please: Unfolding Four Centuries of Gingham
A Common for All of Boston: The City on a Hill Revamps Its Backyard
Uncorking the Possibilities: Charting a New Course for Cork

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Also included in this issue:

Space/Pattern/Texture: Profiling designer-artists doing provocative work.

Collection Spotlight:

  • Float - Aliki van der Kruijs designed Float as an outgrowth of paper explorations in which she cut out linear sections of cardboard boxes and realigned them “off the grid”. From this slight out-of-alignment gesture comes a new pattern. Float is a polyester/nylon construction in seven colorways.
  • Sparta - RAMPART® flexible wall protection performs as well as rigid sheet goods and offers superior stain resistance. Sparta is an exquisite and versatile interpretation of linen. Thanks to its broad palette, the pattern can be used in different colorways to distinguish areas or floors for wayfinding. Sparta can be applied to irregular surfaces, such as CMU blocks, when first applying RAMPART Stronghold wall liner.
  • Cork - Wolf-Gordon is the premier source for cork wallcovering and upholstery. Renewable, naturally fire resistant and antimicrobial, Cork Wallcovering is a sustainable product of the renewable cork bark tree. Once the bark of a live cork oak tree is stripped, it will regenerate every 10 years. Our cork wallcoverings are Class A rated as per ASTM E-84.

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