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Dorothy Cosonas

Release Date: 2023 "Quiet Riot by Dorothy Cosonas"

Fine art and international fashion are powerful influences for artist and designer Dorothy Cosonas, the former Creative Director for KnollTextiles and KnollLuxe. A fine arts and textile design graduate from FIT, Cosonas worked for 21 years as Design Director for textile designer Sina Pearson’s Unika Vaev. In 2005, she was named the 11th and final Creative Director of KnollTextiles, responsible for the design and development of all collections for over 16 years until the merger of MillerKnoll. In addition to collaborating with a host of international designers, Cosonas also contributed her own work to KnollLuxe. In 2016, she received the IIDA Titan Award for her contributions to interior design.

Her “Quiet Riot” collection of upholstery textile and wallcovering patterns developed for Wolf-Gordon offers Cosonas’ fresh perspective, with a focus on high performance. The seven products feature impactful color and interconnected linework, balanced with strong foundational products.