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Lookbook: CLAIR Colors that connect


Natural Pigments

Grounded Tones

Mineral Substances

CLAIR® PVC-Free Wallcovering

CLAIR patterns span classic to on-trend designs, enabling you to create interiors for today and tomorrow. Complex layering in sixteen organic, textile-inspired and geometric designs is made possible by our superior printing and embossing. The CLAIR Type II wallcovering collection includes more than 220 colorways that reinforce our connection with nature, with our creative practices, and with our aspirations. Following are groupings of CLAIR patterns that reflect these ideals.

L1090852 CLAIR 6 9x12 L Ax WG

About the Palette

Craftivism pays respect to artisanal traditions and expresses the joy, optimism, and creativity of making.

Natural Pigments, drawn from the earth, express the human-to-nature connection and summon positive energy from our relationship with the environment.

Grounded Tones are restorative, helping to make a space safe, calming, balanced, and expressive of our relationship with ourselves.

Mineral Substances are about sustainability and regeneration and reflect how, along with nature’s benefits, our world can be alchemical and intense.


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