Lookbook: RAMPART® Resolve™

Wall Protection


RAMPART® Resolve™, PVC-Free
13 Colorways


RAMPART® Resolve™, PVC-Free
13 Colorways

PVC-Free Flexible Wall Protection

Introducing RAMPART® Resolve™

Inyo and Lux­or are the first two pat­terns of RAM­PART Resolve. Inyo is a clas­sic wood­grain pat­tern that con­tributes ample char­ac­ter, move­ment and warmth to high traf­fic envi­ron­ments in 13 dif­fer­ent col­or­ways. Lux­or, a raw linen look with tonal con­trasts, cre­ates a dimen­sion­al, tex­tile effect in 13 col­or­ways. Both Inyo and Lux­or pro­vide resis­tance to stain­ing and abra­sion, with­out sac­ri­fic­ing aesthetics.

Inyo Install Video Snpshot

Key Advantages

In developing RAMPART Resolve—a heavy duty olefin composite—Wolf-Gordon made sure it matched all of the performance standards of RAMPART, including:

  • Impact Resistance - performed as well as rigid sheet goods when tested for Surface Abrasion, Surface Indentation, and Hard Body Impact
  • Stain- and Abrasion-Resistance - Surcoat™ topcoat resists staining from ballpoint pen, crayon, lipstick, coffee, ketchup, red wine, vegetable oil, and Betadine®
  • Cleanability - with commercial cleaning and disinfecting agents - in addition to easy clean-up with soap and water, no damaging effects resulted when RAMPART Resolve was cleaned with products containing ammonia, diluted bleach, peroxide, quaternary compounds, or many of the disinfecting agents used against COVID-19
  • Flexibility - easier to store, handle, and install than rigid panels, and less costly to ship
  • Wrapability – RAMPART Resolve can turn 90-degree corners
  • Application to a variety of substrates - in addition to drywall, RAMPART Resolve can be installed over ceramic tile, cinder block, laminate, wood, and other rough walls by first applying RAMPART Stronghold Wall Liner;
  • Easy Installation - vertical trim and moldings aren’t necessary
  • Perforating and Railroading – RAMPART Resolve can be perforated for use in humid conditions, and designs can be railroaded for wide expanses, without seaming.

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