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Lookbook: Real Wood


Health Insurance Company

Building Renovation | Rustic Hickory (Planked) Wood Veneer | Design: IA Interior Architects | Photos: Tom Harris Photography

L'Oréal Headquarters

Silver Birch BildenWood® | Design by Blitz | Photos: Jason O'Rear

Arlington ISD Center

Center for Visual and Performing Arts | Brown Ash, Flat Cut Wood Veneer | Design: HKS | Photos: Daryl Shields

Cushman & Wakefield

White Oak, Rift WonderWood® | Design: HGA | Photos: Judy Davis

Regions Birth Center

Australian Walnut, Qtd WonderWood® | Design: BWBR | Photos: Brandon Stengel

Natural Wood Wallcovering?

We're Your Go-To Resource!

Wolf-Gordon offers a large variety of real wood wallcoverings made in the USA. Constructed from high-grade natural wood, the durable veneers are prefinished with your choice of a Flat or Matte sheen, in species ranging from Anigre to Zebrawood. When you're looking to add warmth and richness to an interior—whether in corporate offices, education and healthcare facilities, residential common spaces, or hospitality venues—our wood veneers are easier to install, less costly, and offer a smaller carbon footprint than traditional wood panels. Need further convincing?

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Get To Know Our Woods

  • Our Wood Veneer wallcoverings are crafted from slices of real wood, revealing the one-of-a-kind grain patterning of each tree species. In addition to the selection shown on our website, there are many other species available, including those with FSC certification—just ask!

  • WonderWood® wallcoverings are an environmentally friendly alternative engineered with wood from fast-growing trees sourced from sustainable tree farms. A unique manufacturing process produces veneers that beautifully simulate domestic and exotic tree species, but with a more uniform look.

  • If you’re looking for wood wallcovering with a more predictable or consistent pattern, our BildenWood® collection includes nine varieties composed of premium wood species, which have plank and linear patterning.

  • When you want to have casework constructed with a veneer that matches the wood wallcovering, we can provide an alternate backing for our wood veneers.

  • For a more unique appearance, a variety of specialty designs can be achieved including "Random Plank," "Chevron Match," and "Parquet Match."

Looking to install natural wood wallcovering, review our installation video for best practices.

Selected Species