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Lookbook: Real Wood


Health Insurance Company

Building Renovation | Rustic Hickory (Planked) Wood Veneer | Design: IA Interior Architects | Photos: Tom Harris Photography

L'Oréal Headquarters

Silver Birch BildenWood® | Design by Blitz | Photos: Jason O'Rear

Arlington ISD Center

Center for Visual and Performing Arts | Brown Ash, Flat Cut Wood Veneer | Design: HKS | Photos: Daryl Shields

Cushman & Wakefield

White Oak, Rift WonderWood® | Design: HGA | Photos: Judy Davis

Regions Birth Center

Australian Walnut, Qtd WonderWood® | Design: BWBR | Photos: Brandon Stengel

Natural Wood Wallcovering?

We're Your Go-To Resource!

Wolf-Gor­don offers a large vari­ety of real wood wall­cov­er­ings made in the USA. Con­struct­ed from high-grade nat­ur­al wood, the durable veneers are pre­fin­ished with your choice of a Flat or Mat­te sheen, in species rang­ing from Ani­gre to Zebra­wood. When you’re look­ing to add warmth and rich­ness to an inte­ri­or — whether in cor­po­rate offices, edu­ca­tion and health­care facil­i­ties, res­i­den­tial com­mon spaces, or hos­pi­tal­i­ty venues — our wood veneers are eas­i­er to install, less cost­ly, and offer a small­er car­bon foot­print than tra­di­tion­al wood pan­els. Need fur­ther convincing?

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Get To Know Our Woods

  • Our Wood Veneer wallcoverings are crafted from slices of real wood, revealing the one-of-a-kind grain patterning of each tree species. In addition to the selection shown on our website, there are many other species available, including those with FSC certification—just ask!

  • WonderWood® wallcoverings are an environmentally friendly alternative engineered with wood from fast-growing trees sourced from sustainable tree farms. A unique manufacturing process produces veneers that beautifully simulate domestic and exotic tree species, but with a more uniform look.

  • If you’re looking for wood wallcovering with a more predictable or consistent pattern, our BildenWood® collection includes nine varieties composed of premium wood species, which have plank and linear patterning.

  • When you want to have casework constructed with a veneer that matches the wood wallcovering, we can provide an alternate backing for our wood veneers.

  • For a more unique appearance, a variety of specialty designs can be achieved including "Random Plank," "Chevron Match," and "Parquet Match."

Looking to install natural wood wallcovering, review our installation video for best practices.