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Lookbook: Renewal WG Design Studio

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Contract Wallcovering

71 Colorways


RAMPART Wall Protection
22 Colorways

Coated Upholstery

13 Colorways

Winter/Spring Release, 2020


Start­ing the year on a fresh note, our lat­est cam­paign fea­tures five con­tract wall­cov­er­ings inspired by archi­tec­tur­al ele­ments and arti­sanal tex­tures. A mini-plaid pat­tern and traver­tine tex­ture are the basis for two new RAM­PART wall pro­tec­tion prod­ucts. And, an exclu­sive print­ed coat­ed uphol­stery tex­tile that offers extreme abra­sion resis­tance rounds out the offering.

Lb renewal inspiration


Architecture, the ultimate combination of form and function, has long been used for design inspiration beyond building structures.

  • Ballari wallcovering is a modern take on the appeal of aged and oxidized surfaces. Metallic inks add a subtle glow to six of the colorways, while seven others are printed on highly reflective Mylar® laminated vinyl.
  • Acute and Dasma will add dazzle to interior walls with designs inspired by architectural mesh. Metallic inks are incorporated into both patterns, offering an understated allure.
  • Modeled on a layered plaster texture, Kabuto has a rugged authenticity with an added touch of Mylar peeking through the wallcovering surface.
  • RAMPART Belgrade is based on the look of natural travertine, a stone once used to erect monuments and temples, and one of the most used in modern architecture. Like the ancient fortress for which it is named, Belgrade offers protection from impact and heavy abuse.