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Our world is in a state of flux, and the way we use space within it is changing just as rapidly. The rise of hybrid work and has not only created a need for shift within hospitality design but has also given rise to a new wave of design in other verticals that welcomes fusion with hospitality design principles—everywhere from offices to universities and hospitals, designers are incorporating social spaces at all different scales to encourage collaboration and interaction. As the different parts of our lives become more intertwined, the comforts, amenities, and design principles of hospitality will only become more relevant.

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Sampaguita Ice Cream

Orlando, FL | gdpdesignbuild | Photo: Courtesy of gdpdesignbuild

Samoa’s maximalist vibes are the perfect fit for Sampaguita, a lush, tropical-themed ice cream parlor. The vibrant pattern’s durable, bleach-cleanable substrate will keep the space looking beachy and inviting.

California English at Biovista
San Diego, California | PGAL | Photos: Hayley Hill

California English at Biovista restaurant and bar seeks to provide lab employees with an indoor/outdoor space to eat, decompress, and socialize. The luxurious feel of Velveteen woven upholstery is well suited to this higher-end casual restaurant, with a matte velvet-like texture for a lavish look and fade-resistant, liquid repelling functionality. Normandy combines the warmth of a chenille weave with the durability of a type II upholstery. Stable, a bleach-cleanable coated upholstery, provides long-lasting comfort in a colorful leather look.

Omni Hotel and Resort

Austin, TX | Omni Hotel and Resorts | Photos: Courtesy of Omni Hotels & Resorts

When it came time to refresh the atrium of the Omni hotel in Austin, TX, the designers were faced with a major hurdle: the surfaces they wanted to update with a wood pattern were covered in stone cladding. RAMPART® Stronghold was the key to creating a smooth surface for wallcovering without the expense and mess of demolishing the stone. Stronghold created a solid base surface for type II contract wallcovering, Grove, a woodgrain pattern with a subtle emboss.

Bento Asian Kitchen

Jacksonville, FL | gdpdesignbuild | Photo: Courtesy of gdpdesignbuild

Riley woven upholstery in rich blue colorway “Lapis” was the perfect upholstery choice for Bento in Jacksonville, FL, a restaurant with design inspired by the bold colors and shapes of mid-century pools. Solution-dyed acrylic fibers mean diners will be able to dive into these colors for years to come.

Patrón Meeting Space
Hamilton, Bermuda | Mitchell Associates and Planning Factory | Photos: Lindsay Barnett

When designing a conference event space for the Bacardi Patrón brand, the design firm Planning Factory turned to our WG Customs Lab to produce a site-specific wallcovering. The bee symbol that appears on Patrón Tequila labels was made into a dynamic pattern. This pattern, digitally printed on gold Mylar substrate, transformed the conference site into an exclusive branded space.