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Our world is in a state of flux, and the way we use space with­in it is chang­ing just as rapid­ly. The rise of hybrid work and has not only cre­at­ed a need for shift with­in hos­pi­tal­i­ty design but has also giv­en rise to a new wave of design in oth­er ver­ti­cals that wel­comes fusion with hos­pi­tal­i­ty design prin­ci­ples — every­where from offices to uni­ver­si­ties and hos­pi­tals, design­ers are incor­po­rat­ing social spaces at all dif­fer­ent scales to encour­age col­lab­o­ra­tion and inter­ac­tion. As the dif­fer­ent parts of our lives become more inter­twined, the com­forts, ameni­ties, and design prin­ci­ples of hos­pi­tal­i­ty will only become more relevant.

Bon Vista Side


Sampaguita Ice Cream

Orlando, FL | gdpdesignbuild | Photo: Courtesy of gdpdesignbuild

Samoa’s maximalist vibes are the perfect fit for Sampaguita, a lush, tropical-themed ice cream parlor. The vibrant pattern’s durable, bleach-cleanable substrate will keep the space looking beachy and inviting.

California English at Biovista
San Diego, California | PGAL | Photos: Haley Hill

California English at Biovista restaurant and bar seeks to provide lab employees with an indoor/outdoor space to eat, decompress, and socialize. The luxurious feel of Velveteen woven upholstery is well suited to this higher-end casual restaurant, with a matte velvet-like texture for a lavish look and fade-resistant, liquid repelling functionality. Normandy combines the warmth of a chenille weave with the durability of a type II upholstery. Stable, a bleach-cleanable coated upholstery, provides long-lasting comfort in a colorful leather look.

Omni Hotel and Resort

Austin, TX | Omni Hotel and Resorts | Photos: Courtesy of Omni Hotels & Resorts

When it came time to refresh the atrium of the Omni hotel in Austin, TX, the designers were faced with a major hurdle: the surfaces they wanted to update with a wood pattern were covered in stone cladding. RAMPART® Stronghold was the key to creating a smooth surface for wallcovering without the expense and mess of demolishing the stone. Stronghold created a solid base surface for type II contract wallcovering, Grove, a woodgrain pattern with a subtle emboss.

Bento Asian Kitchen

Jacksonville, FL | gdpdesignbuild | Photo: Courtesy of gdpdesignbuild

Riley woven upholstery in rich blue colorway “Lapis” was the perfect upholstery choice for Bento in Jacksonville, FL, a restaurant with design inspired by the bold colors and shapes of mid-century pools. Solution-dyed acrylic fibers mean diners will be able to dive into these colors for years to come.

Patrón Meeting Space
Hamilton, Bermuda | Mitchell Associates and Planning Factory | Photos: Lindsay Barnett

When designing a conference event space for the Bacardi Patrón brand, the design firm Planning Factory turned to our WG Customs Lab to produce a site-specific wallcovering. The bee symbol that appears on Patrón Tequila labels was made into a dynamic pattern. This pattern, digitally printed on gold Mylar substrate, transformed the conference site into an exclusive branded space.