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Lookbook: Urban Nature


City Lace

Contract Wallcovering
4 Colorways


Contract Wallcovering
4 Colorways

Stiro + Stiro Stripe

Contract Wallcovering
7 Colorways

About Urban Nature

Raylene Marasco’s dynamic digital montages, City Lace and Gossamer, inspired by the artist’s journey from rural Pennsylvania to New York City, lead this release with their dreamlike melding of photographs of cityscapes with images of nature. The hard edges of city lights and asphalt; the soft, dreamy textures of a meadow of flowers: “Urban Nature” finds harmony in contradiction.

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Featured Patterns

Wolf-Gordon Introduces Gossamer and City Lace by Acclaimed Textile Artist Raylene Marasco.

Gossamer - The pattern is dreamlike, with a mix of natural and city imagery layered together in a style reminiscent of double-exposed photography.

City Lace - The vibrant photo collage combines pictures of Queen Anne’s Lace flowers with images of New York City and Philadelphia, blending the beauty of nature with urban landscapes.

Both works of art are digitally printed and can be resized easily.

Additional Products

Stiro + Stiro Stripe - This design features an intentionally playful, imperfect look that mimics the flow of drapery. The stripes in this design have a hand-painted look and are printed with muted metallic inks. Stiro Stripe is printed on its heathered canvas coordinate, Stiro. Both patterns’ "wrinkled" texture adds dimension to the drapery effect.