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Ballari and Kabuto: Inspired by Architectural Elements

February 4, 2020

Wolf-Gordon introduces two new Type II wallcoverings, Ballari and Kabuto, in artisanal looks inspired by industrial materials and architectural elements. The update includes patterns composed of painterly effects that are built up in broad strokes, or subtly removed to reveal metallic hints.

Ballari: A distressed concrete-look with character, Ballari emulates an impasto painting method by layering color with broad, painterly strokes. Though concrete is traditionally matte, Ballari reveals a hidden luster in the mylar, complemented by a sophisticated, neutral palette. Opaque ink is used to offset the mylar, giving an overall richer effect.

Kabuto: In contrast to Ballari, Kabuto appears to have layers “scraped away” to reveal hints of metallic beneath. The sparse patches of shine poke out unevenly, and are revealed over time in order to act as a sparse but elegant detail that draws the eye. Colorways for the pattern were inspired by industrial metals, and include pops of bold orange.