Blocks design story

Blocks: A Contemporary Flagstone Pattern

January 5, 2014

After updating our product line to include upholstery in 2011, Wolf-Gordon's in-house creative team saw an opportunity to add a playful and bright pattern to the collection. A contemporary take on pixel art and mosaics, WG Design Studio designed and developed Blocks, a high-performing coated upholstery.

Inspired by flagstones, Blocks focuses on the contrast between the ground and the calculated chaos of pieces above it.

Balanced by the simplicity of two-tone white and bright color combinations, your eyes are handed an energetic invitation to come to play.

Since it's introduction in 2013, Blocks remains a customer favorite with its unique patterning and peppy color line. As part of our coated upholstery collection, it demonstrates how playfulness and high-performance don't have to be exclusive.