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Crane's Mill

January 16, 2024

Crane’s Mill in West Cald­well, NJ is a life-plan com­mu­ni­ty with a thriv­ing res­i­dent pop­u­la­tion, but its two aging Inde­pen­dent Liv­ing build­ings increas­ing­ly failed to reflect the vital­i­ty of its occu­pants. KDA Archi­tects was also chal­lenged to enhance com­mon spaces and help res­i­dents with wayfind­ing, as both build­ings have exten­sive cor­ri­dor lengths. 

Wolf-Gordon’s RAM­PART pro­vid­ed KDA with solu­tions to all of these prob­lems. Strik­ing, life-sized murals print­ed on RAM­PART and fea­tur­ing cus­tom art and bio­philic imagery were posi­tioned along key points of the cor­ri­dors. These beau­ti­ful art pieces work in har­mo­ny with the sur­round­ing fin­ish­es while also pro­vid­ing pro­tec­tion against walk­er and wheel­chair strikes, as well as pro­vid­ing a point of ref­er­ence for res­i­dents nav­i­gat­ing the facility.

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