Brenda houston

Geological Finds by Brenda Houston

August 15, 2018

An American designer of furniture and furnishings, Brenda Houston has long been inspired by the beauty of “nature’s artwork.” Her personal collection of minerals and gemstones, some more than one hundred million-years old, have been sourced from around the globe.

Houston introduced her collection when she realized the dearth of realistic interpretations of stones and minerals. She soon found out how incredibly difficult it is to capture the clarity and detail of these organic materials and have the ability to scale them up to reveal their beauty in a clear and concise manner. “We discovered that the stones would take on new designs depending upon whether they were sliced horizontally or vertically. Some pieces are no larger than your thumbnail, but the quality shines through in the digital images.”

Each of the four images of “Geological Finds” make an artistic statement that showcases nature’s splendor, whether on a guestroom wall, behind a reception desk, or in a lounge or intimate dining environment.

Chrysocolla is a polished slice of a mineral that features swirls and eyes of malachite and azurite. Green Bog Jasper, a wood found in peat bogs, reveals layers of petrified materials. Onyx Mexicano, aka travertine, reveals fine graining formed in caves, quarries, and waterfalls. One of earth’s oldest fossils, Stromatolite has patterning that is a result of sedentary buildup, which has occurred over millions of years.

These dynamic wallcoverings are printed digitally and each image is available in three different colorways. Or, you can work with WG Customs Lab to experiment with color and scale based on your project requirements. We can also evaluate your specs for the intended space to ensure a successful installation.