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"So Good" by Me and General Design

May 15, 2018

The edgy and fun "So Good" collection of digital wallcoverings was created by Me and General Design, an interior design firm with a passion for mixing elements, breaking rules, and defying trends. In their first collaboration with Wolf-Gordon, Me and General adds an unconventional twist to the our Curated Collection with four impactful patterns.

The firm is led by Cristina Casañas-Judd, who draws on her bold fashion sense and native Chilean roots, and General Judd, who brings an infectious Southern charm and timeless style sensibility. Their background designing film sets and performance stages, in addition to their current interior design portfolio, prompted them to design a wallpaper collection informed by the history of design, architecture, music, and art.

The Patterns

Echo has elongated diamond shapes formed from parallel lines that appear to shift back and forth, giving walls a kinetic energy. It is offered in colorways of silver Mylar™ on soft gray, brilliant gold on black onyx, and slick copper on pinkish-gray.

Nouveau repeats a simple diamond shape in a mirrored sequence for an everchanging wallcovering design. Printed digitally, the matte off white, sand, and dark gray grounds are an elegant base for the decorative linework in brilliant gold, silver, and copper Mylar®, respectively.

Perch is a lively geometric inspired by the Perch building in New York City's Harlem district, of which Me and General played a role in the interior and landscape design. Inspired by the building’s asymmetrical windows, the pattern is offered in standard colorways of “Blush”, “Dusk”, and “Smokey”.

Vista's contemporary design is influenced by the sharply defined outlines, geometric motifs, and zig-zag forms of the Art Deco style. Digitally printed in three standard colorways, this pattern—as well as the others—can be produced in other colors and scales on a range of substrates, by WG Customs Lab.