Felted 816x540

Felted Provides Antimicrobial Performance

May 26, 2020

Our premium felt acoustical wallcovering not only offers a number of performance attributes, it also has antimicrobial properties. Silver and copper ions incorporated into Felted's high-quality polyester fibers naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungus. The ions bind to any microbes present on the fiber and disable their critical functions, such as metabolism and reproduction. Typical examples of microbes of common concern are the human rhinovirus (common cold), Strep, MRSA, those that cause Legionnaires disease, and the human coronavirus. In fact, this technology has been FDA-tested and incorporated into the SpectraShield™ 9500 N95 surgical respirator mask. In the testing, microbe prevention began immediately, and 99.99% of certain bacteria was eliminated after one hour of contact.

Felted is constructed of solution-dyed polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles, and can be used as both a wallcovering and an upholstery. The dense material passes all ACT standards and both adhered and unadhered wallcovering flame resistance tests, can be cleaned with diluted bleach, and has acoustical properties.