Infinite neutral takes home award

Infinite Neutral Takes Home Awards

September 21, 2017

Following its debut at NeoCon2017, Wolf-Gordon’s newest upholstery fabric, Infinite Neutral, was honored with both a #MetropolisLikes award and as a winner of The Architect’s Newpaper’s Best in Products Awards. Based on color theory experiments, designer Morgan Bajardi composed each of the four neutral colorways from 30 different polyester yarn shades. 

Bajardi used a crisp crepe weave and combined an innovative mix of variations on the primaries; the results are a complex gray and beige that are both brighter and richer than any conventional neutral mixture. The colorways are a balance of warm and cool, creating subtle striations to catch the eye up close while their individual shades produce layers of depth perceptible at any distance.

"During art school, I wove rainbow threads together and I was surprised to discover a beautiful gray neutral. I’ve wanted to replicate that concept in a textile since I started with Wolf-Gordon three years ago. This is the perfect versatile color that will work anywhere. – Morgan Bajardi, Textile Designer"