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London Chic: Inspired by City's Eclecticism

December 1, 2019

We've released new patterning inspired by one of the of the world’s most beloved cities in its latest edition of London Chic Type II wallcovering. The patterns in this collection reference the city’s regal luxury as well as its cultural diversity, and are certified to the NSF/ANSI 342 sustainability standard.

Belgravia: A combination of detailed linework and shimmering metallic inks, available in nine elegant colorways.

Kensington: A popular linear pattern is refreshed with tinted silver and gold embellishments in 19 colorways.

Haggerston: This edgy metallic has a weathered appearance as if splattered by raindrops, and comes in six different colorways.

Brixton: A nod to our signature textural patterns, the tip print process allows for a wide range of metallics and gives Brixton an illusion of depth and bark-like feel. The pattern is available in 12 different colorways.

Islington Station: This refined, mid-scale geometric has a delicate line and interlocking shapes for a trend-forward look in nine colorways.

Islington: Elegant and muted, Islington has a fabric-like print that conveys a soft, progressive pattern in nine matching coordinates to Islington Station.

Greenwich: Signaling rustic opulence, Greenwich has the look of a true raw silk look. The flexible palette of 19 colorways features sophisticated neutrals with metallic inks.