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Pelle: High Performing Silicone Upholstery Textile

August 9, 2018

We're pleased to introduce Pelle, a high-quality alternative to vinyl and polyurethane upholstery textiles. Its proprietary silicone formulation is engineered to far exceed all of the ACT performance specifications for coated fabrics, without the addition of flame retardants, antibacterial or antimicrobial chemicals, or surface finishes. And, Pelle offers a soft and supple feel and leather-like grain typically associated with luxury upholstery materials.

Critical to its performance is the silicone resin system that allows for stronger surface integrity, enhancing Pelle’s resistance to scuffing, scratching, and abrasive cleaners. In addition to being easy to maintain using common cleaning agents, this silicone textile is also resistant to diluted bleach and alcohol. Unlike lower grade silicone products that can feel rubbery and sticky, Pelle offers a natural surface touch for maximum comfort.

Other inherent attributes to note are its:

  • resistance to stains, including oils, ink, and denim dye;
  • flame-retardant properties;
  • resistance to microbes or bacterial growth;
  • exceptional lightfastness;
  • excellent stretch and recovery;
  • hypo-allergenic properties; and
  • resistance to mildew and moisture.

From a sustainability standpoint, Pelle complies with California’s Prop 65, Cal 01350 for low emissions, the Living Building Challenge Red List, the Healthier Hospital Initiative, and has a Health Product Declaration. The generous palette covers all parts of the spectrum, with pastel hues, vivid primaries, rich, dark shades, warm and cool gray tones, as well as white and black.