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"Repeat Offenders" by Ghislaine Viñas

May 13, 2020

REPEAT OFFENDERS by Ghislaine Viñas was born from the designer’s exploration of Wolf-Gordon’s meticulous and extensive archives, which have been kept intact since the company’s inception in 1967. The three designs—Holding Pattern, Tangled Up, and Vicious Circle—give a cheeky nod to the cyclical nature of innovation, and breaking through bad habits formed along the way.

Viñas hit on the name for the collection after researching Wolf-Gordon’s archives and finding discontinued prints and colorways that she wanted to make into “repeat offenders," a humorous spin on their modernized reappearance. Wolf-Gordon’s rich history in wallcovering design is what first sparked Viñas’ interest in a collaboration, along with an exploration of vintage fashion and beauty trends from the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Viñas aimed to create a fresh take on the company’s staples by elevating or combining elements of dated stripes, dots, and repeating geometrics to achieve an upbeat, structural boldness. By subtly manipulating details, such as the uniformity of lines or conventional scale, the designer broke with preconceived expectations and reinvented classic motifs.

Holding Pattern: Mimicking the idea of being stuck in a behavioral loop, Holding Pattern features a series of circular shapes formed by bold lines, with gradating tones. The color and scale customization possibilities are endless in this digital print.

Tangled Up: A vertically focused, rotogravure-printed design, Tangled Up has lines that ripple and tangle in a playful tribute to getting in trouble. This minimalist ode to stripes honors this staple that has been in the Wolf-Gordon archive for decades.

Vicious Circle: Concentric circles are intersected by bold lines in this dynamic pattern, another rotogravure printed wallcovering. Like the name implies, Vicious Circle creates a relationship between the circular and linear that draws the eye back and forth.

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