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Upgrade Your Product Library!

July 9, 2021

The time is ripe for refreshing your resource library, and our account executives are ready to help. After extensive research, Wolf-Gordon devised a Kit of Parts that can be customized to house our tipcards and memo samples according to your firm’s preferences.

Working with your library administrator, a Wolf-Gordon account executive will create a system based on the categories of your choosing, and provide components that will fit into the allotted space. You can determine whether to use our pre-printed labels or have labels customized to meet the needs of the designers and architects that specify our products.

The Kit of Parts consists of:

  • Binders for organizing upholstery textile or wallcovering tipcards—flexible spines adjust to the spatial constraints of shelves;
  • XL Binders are made to house pages and tipcards from our wider product catalogs;
  • Boxes with a deep-cut angle can be used to hold and flip through wallcovering tipcards;
  • Bins are stackable and ideal for storing upholstery memo samples or Scuffmaster® fandecks and paint chips.

If you would like an account executive to contact you about setting up your library, click here.