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Upgrade Your Product Library!

July 9, 2021

The time is ripe for refresh­ing your resource library, and our account exec­u­tives are ready to help. After exten­sive research, Wolf-Gor­don devised a Kit of Parts that can be cus­tomized to house our tip­cards and memo sam­ples accord­ing to your firm’s preferences.

Work­ing with your library admin­is­tra­tor, a Wolf-Gor­don account exec­u­tive will cre­ate a sys­tem based on the cat­e­gories of your choos­ing, and pro­vide com­po­nents that will fit into the allot­ted space. You can deter­mine whether to use our pre-print­ed labels or have labels cus­tomized to meet the needs of the design­ers and archi­tects that spec­i­fy our products.

The Kit of Parts con­sists of:

  • Binders for orga­niz­ing uphol­stery tex­tile or wall­cov­er­ing tip­cards — flex­i­ble spines adjust to the spa­tial con­straints of shelves;
  • XL Binders are made to house pages and tip­cards from our wider prod­uct catalogs;
  • Box­es with a deep-cut angle can be used to hold and flip through wall­cov­er­ing tipcards;
  • Bins are stack­able and ide­al for stor­ing uphol­stery memo sam­ples or Scuff­mas­ter® fan­decks and paint chips.

If you would like an account exec­u­tive to con­tact you about set­ting up your library, click here.