Wink esquisite corpse icff

Wink Introduced at ICFF

May 28, 2013

At ICFF, we introduced our new product, Wink, that can transform any surface into a write-and-erase canvas.

To promote Wink, we invoked the Surrealist game of Exquisite Corpse. The booth featured connected drawings, based on the theme of landscape, by seven teams: Michael Graves, Ali Tayar, Snarkitecture, Myles Karr, Ben Katchor, karlossonwilker, and Boym Partners.

The unfinished drawings, on vertical panels of painted drywall, wallcovering, aluminum, and wood, were coated in Wink, which allowed visitors to draw over of complete the unfinished works.

A condensed version of the booth - the Exquisite Wink board game - was also created to extend the artfulness and potential of Wink with design specifiers across the country.