Wolf gordon commissioned artist charlotte mann

Erasing is Leaving a Mark: Art Installation using Wink

March 7, 2016

British artist Charlotte Mann was commissioned to draw on a gallery wall in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The wall was coated in Wink and Mann transformed the space into a scene of an industrial Brooklyn neighborhood - a a dense layering of patterns found in nature and the built environment - plywood, chain-link fence, willow leaves, and a quilt on a clothesline.

The mural took nearly five days to complete and 100 black dry-erase markers and erasers.

"Erasing is definitely just as important as making a mark, it is leaving a mark. That act of removal is utterly active. It is not a backwards step, but rather a change. To distinguish between creating and erasing in a hierarchical way curtails the possibilities for invention and discovery." - Charlotte Mann