Roy screen score education

Wolf-Gordon Releases Upholstery for New Wave of Education

July 1, 2020

Wolf-Gordon releases a timely update to their Woven Upholstery collection that features enhanced durability and colorfastness: Roy, Screen, and Score. The three patterns are presented in complementary scales and colors that are easily combined on modular furniture, providing designers the opportunity to respond deftly to shifting distance and capacity requirements.

"Roy, Screen, and Score are designed to meet the demands of a new wave of modular seating that relies on fabrics with increased durability while not sacrificing sophisticated color and luxurious hand." – Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Marketing & Design

Designed for comfort with a high loft, the three patterns have added dimensionality from two tone weaves. The luxurious texture and eye-catching movement of these woven fabrics will stand out at a distance and up close in workplace, education, and beyond. The polyester blend constructions are highly durable and feature a stain repellent finish, with Roy and Screen at 100k double rubs, and Score at 190k double rubs.

Roy and Screen are also approved for use on wrapped panel applications. This allows for superior noise reduction in active environments, especially useful for room dividers in large, open spaces such as offices and classrooms. Sophisticated white and neutral colorways were included in these patterns in order to accommodate vertical applications.

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