Sunbrella product shot orange

Collection by Wolf-Gordon Senior Textile Designer, Kathrin Hagge

December 11, 2019

| New York, NY - December 11, 2019 | Wolf-Gordon designs two new upholstery patterns in Sunbrella© constructions, Riley and Stella, inspired by the abstract styles of 20th century artists Bridget Riley and Frank Stella. Riley lends sensations of movement and color to the additions while Stella’s dynamic minimalism is captured in the bold graphic quality of the namesake pattern.

Riley and Stella were inspired by the works of two masters of Modern art. Their upbeat patterns and color lines, and indoor/outdoor features support our initiative to grow our upholstery collection through engaging, high performance design.

- Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Marketing & Design

Designed in-house by the company’s Senior Designer Kathrin Hagge, the new designs in Sunbrella constructions feature highly UV-stable pigments which are resistant to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight. Engineered to meet the specific challenges of commercial indoor and outdoor environments, their performance features include high abrasion resistance, lightfastness, mold and mildew resistance, and bleach cleanability.

Pattern Highlights

Riley: Upholstery designer Kathrin Hagge combined her knowledge of fabric weaving with artists' works she admires in this dynamic pattern. The signature Op Art style of English painter Bridget Riley—where she melds clean lines with simple, repeated shapes in complex configurations—is reflected in the playful design. As the eye travels through the “peepholes” in each solid-colored ground, a herringbone pattern emerges.

Stella: Stella was born from the idea that inspiration can strike at any time and place: while visiting a friend in the hospital, Hagge happened upon a series of prints by artist Frank Stella. She adapted his 1968 "V Series", mimicking the use of parallel stripes and angled geometry, into a set of fresh colorways, which summon images of the sea and were chosen to stimulate a positive outlook.

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