Rampart press release

RAMPART Additions Reflect Heavy Duty Beauty

November 1, 2017

| New York, NY - November 1, 2017 | Wolf-Gordon has introduced two RAMPART additions as part of their Heavy Duty Beauty Campaign, emphasizing high performance products for commercial interiors. The impact resistant wall solutions use organic materials in novel ways, from capturing the beauty of natural wood grain to evoking a rich concrete appearance. The extremely durable patterns offer a visually appealing and flexible alternative to traditional rigid wall panels, elevating any space with their subtle tonal beauty.

The RAMPART additions are part of Wolf-Gordon’s initiative to create beautiful, high performance products that can stand up to the demands of heavy traffic while maintaining aesthetic appeal. The designs are organic yet refined, a true embodiment of heavy duty beauty.
– Michael Loughlin, Wolf-Gordon Customs & Digital Director

Douglas, a relaxed and elegant wood-look, often seen in more traditional schemes, can be integrated into contemporary, urban industrial, or Scandinavian-influenced design. Foundation has a concrete appearance that is far from creating a cold, hard atmosphere; the design can actually help bring a warmer feel to an interior space.

RAMPART exceeds the maximum capacity of a Scrape Adhesion Test, and performs as well as the most popular rigid sheet goods on the ASTM Surface Abrasion, ASTM Surface Indentation, and ASTM Hard Body Impact tests. The high-impact wall solution has a special finish and backing, and does not require hardware to install. In addition, it can run over 80 linear feet under a chair rail without a seam, making it cleaner, easier and less expensive to install.