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Sirona: The First Inherently Antimicrobial Commercial Upholstery Textile

October 2, 2021

| New York, NY - October 4, 2021 | Generated by Wolf-Gordon’s ongoing commitment to high performance and sustainability, Sirona with Protect+ is a groundbreaking new upholstery construction with an inherent antimicrobial solution built into the product’s DNA, inhibiting the growth of microbes in or on the textile. With silver and copper salts embedded, Sirona’s antimicrobial properties do not wear off, wash away or weaken over time. Unlike topical antimicrobial treatments, Sirona’s copper and silver salts do not damage human health and the water ecosystem.

“Sirona is a major breakthrough in commercial upholstery. We’re so excited about the development of this unique product that addresses myriad problems in hygiene and sustainability.”

- Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Marketing & Design

Wolf-Gordon’s Sirona upholstery textile is the outcome of a collaborative research and development initiative which resulted in an antimicrobial textile achieved through the material’s inherent properties rather than through the addition of topical treatments. Working with family-owned textile manufacturer Geo. Sheard Fabrics and Dawn Hettrich Design, Wolf-Gordon sought to employ the naturally occurring antimicrobial properties found in silver and copper salts to offer a sustainable option for protection against microbes in commercial interiors.

The brands partnered with international yarn manufacturer, Coats, to create Sirona’s unique construction in which Repreve® yarn, constructed from 86% post-consumer recycled polyester, is blended with the Protect+ technology. Through a process of extrusion, the copper and silver salts in Protect+ are embedded into the post-consumer polyester polymer to create 99% protection against numerous microbes, including staph, pneumonia, and e coli.

“When Wolf-Gordon approached us to collaborate on a Health and Wellness collection, we took the opportunity to push the boundaries beyond pure aesthetics to develop a product that offers a sustainable option for the anti-microbial requirements of today's environment. We are proud of our collaborative efforts with Wolf-Gordon and Coats to bring the Protect+ textile constructed with Repreve post-consumer recycled polyester to the world of contract interiors.”

- Perihan Sheard, Creative Director, Geo.Sheard Fabrics

Sirona boasts numerous aesthetic qualities, paired with its distinct performance properties, making this new offering truly unique to commercial upholstery textiles. Its superb hand and drape, and its soft, nubby boucle texture with a small black accent for added dimensionality create a luxurious feel. Wolf-Gordon Senior Designer Kathrin Hagge developed a soothing color palette of 12 hues inspired by natural dyes with medium tones. The color palette was developed with individual markets in mind, including options such as blue gray and aqua for healthcare as well as fashion forward palettes for hospitality, corporate, health clubs, spas, and co-op common spaces.

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