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Wolf-Gordon Expands Curated Collection

May 19, 2021

| New York, NY - May 19, 2021 | Wolf-Gordon expands their Curated Collection of digitally printed wallcovering, panel and upholstery textiles with the introduction of 13 designs from six different artists. The new patterns reflect the diverse backgrounds and influences of the artists: ASVP, Ghislaine Viñas, Kari Kristensen, Ryan Bradley, Audrey Stone, and Studioestudio, with inspirations ranging from anime and street art to a bold, architectural abstract of a rural mountainscape.

The unique advantage of our Curated Collection not only lies within the flexibility of digital printing and the customizations that are available to interior designers, but also the greater opportunity it provides us to collaborate with outside talent. We are so pleased to have the distinct perspectives of these extraordinary creatives now accessible through our Curated Collection.
- Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Marketing & Design.

Pattern Highlights

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter: Designed by Studioestudio, the four seasons are inspired by the representation of sun, rain, wind, and snow in Japanese woodblock prints, with the idea to develop a system of patterns that could be combined to create multiple graphic compositions. Led by Pablo Alabau and Laura Alandes, Studioestudio combines a rational approach and artistic vision--through designs of simple lines, color and geometry--to create objects and images that evoke emotion.

Blooma: Inspired by Swedish textile design, Ghislaine Viñas’ Blooma is a happy and confident floral pattern representing nature in a whimsical manner. Viñas leads her internationally renowned design firm with a visionary approach, in which she is constantly collecting inspiration from the everyday and everywhere.

Bottom Dense Line and Vertical Climb: With these designs, Audrey Stone investigates the idea of play through the exploration of lines in different manners with direction and weight. Stone has worked in a variety of media and is currently focused on working with acrylic and sculptures in various forms, maintaining a signature minimalist aesthetic.

Erasure and Builds: A unique assemblage of fluid patterns designed by Ryan Bradley, who strives to play against the basal instincts in his work, deconstructing the figure or pattern and the boundary between the recognizable and abstract. Each system of these patterns is abstracted through the interlacing and weaving of subtracted elements.

Moraine Lake and Chasing Shadow: Inspired by experiences among the lakes, mountains, and other natural features, Moraine Lake and Chasing Shadow are a reflection of Kari Kristensen’s love for the Canadian landscape. Kristensen’s current work is focused on redefining linoleum printmaking, a laborious process which involves drawing, carving, and inking a linoleum matrix to achieve a final print.

Super Matter 24 and Super Matter 6: These works are interpretations by ASVP of superheroes and pop iconography reimagined as Pop Abstract Expressionism through dynamic shapes with bold color and movement. ASVP is a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Simon Grendene and Victor Anselmi that has become internationally known for creating graphic images with nods to advertising, as well as pop and comic book culture, often including layers of organic abstraction.

With the addition of these patterns, the Curated Collection now encompasses more than 40 digital wallcovering designs by premier artists internationally, allowing interior designers to incorporate distinctive imagery from an exclusive group of creatives with the added flexibility of modification options including size, scale, and color. Printing substrates from WG Customs Lab include: type II wallcovering of varying textures, PVC-free wallcovering, RAMPART® flexible wall protection, translucent window films and panels, and coated upholstery.

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