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Wolf-Gordon Presents Folio: 50th Anniverary Installation at NeoCon

June 11, 2017

New York, NY – Folio, Wolf-Gordon's 2017 NeoCon® installation, celebrates the company's 50th Anniversary via a display of its commercial wallcovering and upholstery partnerships with leading international designers, and its recently published monograph, Wolf-Gordon: Sample Book. Folio will appear on the main floor of The Mart in Chicago during NeoCon, June 11-14. This year marks WolfGordon’s sixth consecutive sponsorship of main floor space for the installation of a public art/design project.

The project presents a series of three portals, symbolic of the company’s past, present and future. It derives its name, “Folio”, from the vocabulary of printed matter, and indeed, books are used in this innovative installation as the basic module of construction. They are arrayed in consistent rows, displaying each of the book’s 150+ spreads, interspersed with quotes from Wolf-Gordon’s founders, employees and distinguished writers who have contributed to Wolf-Gordon: Sample Book. Passage through Folio takes one through the company’s five decades of design and business history. Above the three portals, a striking series of panels fan out to imitate pages that are turning.

As part of its annual sponsorship at NeoCon, Wolf-Gordon begins a 6-month advertising and communications campaign that centers on the design process of their installation. Each stage of the project is revealed in real time, underscoring the creative, engineering, and fabricating talents of the collaborative team that collaborated on it. Images evolve from simple sketches of the nascent project to complete 3-D renderings, and photography is taken once the project is installed at NeoCon.

Partners for this collaborative project include: Marybeth Shaw of Wolf-Gordon (project leader and creative director), karlssonwilker inc. (environmental graphics), Graham Kelman (architect and installation artist), and Jorge Parreira of New Motor (engineer and fabricator). As with previous sponsored installations by WolfGordon, Folio represents a best-case scenario of collaborative process, talented designers, and complete freedom of program.

Folio is a bold gesture that captures the creativity and art-forward ethos of WolfGordon, while being emblematic of the company’s own journey towards the future. It was previewed at WantedDesign Manhattan from May 20-22 during NYCxDesign 2017.

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