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Wolf-Gordon Updates Natural Wallcovering Collection: WonderWood® Veneers from Sustainable Tree Farms

November 11, 2019

New York, NY - November 07, 2019 | Wolf-Gordon releases 12 new WonderWood® products that capture the warmth and richness of popular tree species’ grains in an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood panels. They are constructed from logs of fast-growing trees and prefinished with a clear matte lacquer in a lightweight, easy-to-install sheet material.

“We are excited to add these 12 new WonderWood® veneers, which are highly sustainable and offer a full range of warm to cool wood tones, including grey and black. These are features that our customers have specifically requested.”
-Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Marketing & Design

WonderWood wallcoverings are fabricated from logs sourced from sustainable tree farms. Wolf-Gordon’s proprietary process starts with rotary-peeled slices of these logs, which are dyed, stacked, pressed into large blocks, and then sliced at varying angles into veneers, simulating the optimal color and grain of common, as well as exotic, species.

These wallcoverings have a consistent wood grain pattern and come in a range of contemporary colors, such as cool gray tones for urban and industrial themed interiors, and warm natural brown woodgrains for a more traditional look. Several of the new WonderWood veneers are particularly appropriate to Modern design.

Pattern Highlights

Barn Fumed Oak: Furniture maker Gustav Stickley popularized the used of this dark oak wood treatment. The process, which brings out the depth of the grain, has its origins in the unique atmospheric characteristics found in barns.

Beach Gray Oak: A rustic wood-grain pattern that, when combined with shades of silver, taupe, white, and warm gray—seen in beach pebbles, sand, and driftwood—evokes the look of sun bleached, weathered woods found in waterfront settings around the world.

Dark American Walnut: Highly prized for its deep brown color, straight grain, and “cathedral” peaks, this walnut species is grown in the mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. and used for furniture and paneling, as well as for the walnuts it produces.

Dark Oak Cerused: “Cerusing” is an artisan technique that emphasizes the texture and character of the wood grain. This product simulates the look of cerusing a dark stained oak to draw out the character of its coarse graining.

Gray Skyline Oak: The sleek and sophisticated warm gray composition of this wood has regimented lines and shapes reminiscent of skyscrapers.

Light Oak Cerused: Oak’s grain and verticality are emphasized in this bright and airy replication of cerusing, ideal for transitional and coastal themes.

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