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4 Wallcovering Solutions for Your Next Restoration

December 1, 2023

Collection: RAMPART® Resolve
I+S Wallcoverings Association
By Sarah Tiwana
Nov. 1, 2023

From abandoned schools in Cleveland to offices in New York City, designing spaces within fixed floor plans of formerly new facilities is commonplace for commercial interior designers. Adaptive reuse and restoration projects continue to surge in popularity, breathing new life into ageing structures while promoting sustainability.

These projects showcase the remarkable potential to harmonize the old and the new, creating seamless, eye-catching environments. Wallcovering Association manufacturer members understand the importance of materials that offer adaptability for restoration projects. They continue to provide commercial designers with an array of creative choices to blend aesthetics and functionality.

Three key considerations should be noted when it comes to surfaces suitable for wallcoverings in adaptive reuse and restoration. First, wallcoverings are excellent for covering up aged and uneven walls, such as those in older structures. The textured and patterned designs of wallcoverings can conceal imperfections, resulting in a sleek and polished finish. Second, wallcoverings work exceptionally well in transforming plain and uninspiring surfaces into captivating focal points, adding character to otherwise dull spaces. Third, wallcoverings protect historic and architecturally significant walls.

In adaptive reuse and restoration projects, preserving the original structure's integrity and beauty is paramount. By adding a durable layer, wallcoverings help extend the lifespan of the underlying walls. Let’s dive into four examples of wallcovering solutions perfect for your next restoration assignment.

RAMPART® Resolve wall protection by Wolf-Gordon delivers an environmentally conscious, PVC-free alternative with superior impact and abrasion resistance. While it shares durability and function in line with rigid sheet goods, RAMPART® Resolve can be easily applied by a painting contractor. When rough wall surfaces are a problem, RAMPART® Resolve can be applied in conjunction with RAMPART® Stronghold wall liner to offer a sustainable option for adaptive reuse projects. A natural jute and gypsum substrate, RAMPART Stronghold wall liner can be applied over a variety of materials— including CMU’s, wood, ceramic tile and metal—to smooth aged and uneven surfaces and defer construction waste from landfills by utilizing existing walls.

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