Good News: Felted Techniques

April 10, 2019

Interior Design

Felted can now be laser cut, digitally printed or engraved with custom designs. The material is earth friendly, made from 95% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and is also high performance.

The dense construction of this premium felt material allows for laser cutting shapes or engraving linework in the design of your choice. Add a new dimension to space dividers, graphic wallcovering, or acoustic tiles with one or more of these innovative techniques.

When digitally printing a photo, illustration, or graphic, the “Digital White” colorway will yield the most accurate color reproduction. However, you can change the overall color tone of a design by printing on one of the lighter colorways, such as “Snow”, “Sea Foam”, or “Cloud”. The "Thundersnow" colorway was used for printing our Tone, seen in the installation photo above.

Shapes of virtually any size (up to 51") can also be cut out of Felted using precise laser technology. Multi-dimensional designs can be created by layering a second or third felt color behind cut-out areas. A pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing is required when laser cutting, and four of the Felted colorways are stocked with the backing, if you’re in a time crunch. FELT 600B/Thundersnow, FELT 602B/Uppity Gray, FELT 605B/Black Coal, and FELT 612B/Cobalt are readily available in a 54" width.

If you plan on using laser cutting for a free-hanging panel, a nonhalogenated flame-retardant finish can be applied in order to meet the NFPA 701 requirement for drapery fabrics. For a more subtle effect, a linear design from your vector file can be engraved into the felt surface. You can also combine processes, such as laser cutting and engraving, as shown in several of the examples below.

Have a concept for a design, but need help bringing it to fruition? WG Customs Lab can create a design or pattern for you. Below are some existing designs to give you an idea of what’s possible.

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