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Summer 2020 Textiles

August 10, 2020

Office Insight speaks to Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Marketing & Design, about her team's experiences and the textile industry's challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"At first, we looked at our portfolio of bleach cleanable products, and were really focusing on the safety aspect of all this,” Shaw said. “We also have a lot of woven textiles that are useful as well. Now, we’ve had more time to understand and think more creatively about the touchpoints we have with our customers.”

“Customers are still very, very interested in seeing new product in any way you can get it to them. We’re doing a lot of virtual sales presentations now, making sure we’re being super respectful with the length and format of those presentations.”

The challenges in getting face-time with customers and in getting samples out has presented an opportunity for many companies to fill out their digital presence. Wolf-Gordon had fortuitously rolled out a brand-new website in advance of the pandemic in February.

“Over this time, we’ve had sample manufacturers closed down, mills closed down and other road blocks. But we’ve also been able to increase our social media presence and focus more on all the ways we’re interacting digitally with our customers.”

“I am a great believer in the agora – in the getting together. We’re missing NeoCon and all of the other events that bring us together physically. Those events are much more important than just a place and time to launch new products. They’re important places where people come together and where magic happens, and I’m hoping we can get back there as soon as possible.”
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