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Vintage Kimono Inspires Dutch Artist's VEER Fabrics for Wolf-Gordon

June 4, 2019

Returning to the Hague after a ceramics residency in Japan, Dutch artist Aliki van der Kruijs became fixated on the grid gracing a vintage kimono she’d discovered at a market in Arita. She scanned the pattern and then transferred it to acetate, which she wrapped around vases, the translucent substrate causing breaks and overlaps in the geometry.

The experiment established a conceptual framework that triggered Veer, a collection of three upholstery patterns for Wolf-Gordon evincing subtle manipulations of the matrix. Squares rise in relief against the polyester-nylon ground of Float, while rectangles shift off-axis atop polyester Turn. The grid evolves into linearity in Slide, a cotton-polyester blend.

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