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Lookbook: Kit of Parts Wolf-Gordon's customizable library system



Three-ring tipcard binders with flexible spines that expand and contract


Easy-to-handle boxes with angled sides for easy viewing of tipcards

Bins and Trays

Stackable bins for memo samples, with trays to hold fandecks

Custom Labels

Use pre-printed labels or choose your own categories

A Flexible, Customizable System for Your Library

Are you ready for a refresh? We can help! Wolf-Gor­don has devel­oped a new, ful­ly cus­tomiz­able mer­chan­dis­ing sys­tem for easy access to our tip cards, memo sam­ples, and paint swatch­es. Our goal is to help you find the right prod­ucts for your projects, as quick­ly and seam­less­ly as possible.

The Time is Ripe

As many of you are start­ing to return to design stu­dios, Wolf-Gor­don Account Exec­u­tives are ready to assist in your tran­si­tion back to work­ing in per­son. Account Exec­u­tives are mak­ing it a pri­or­i­ty to work with you and your library admin­is­tra­tor to set up your unique sys­tem. Your Account Exec­u­tive will cus­tomize your binders, box­es and bins for the prod­ucts you spec­i­fy, and with­in what­ev­er spa­tial con­straints you have.

Research and Development

Here are the top sev­en areas that Wolf-Gordon’s design­ers focused on when devel­op­ing this program:

  • Mod­u­lar com­po­nents with as lit­tle wast­ed space as possible;
  • Stream­lined, sim­ple look for client shelves;
  • Cohe­sive, easy to find use of Wolf-Gor­don Blue;
  • Cus­tomiz­able and change­able labeling;
  • Pleas­ant tac­tile experience;
  • Easy to han­dle (not too large, not too heavy when filled); and,
  • Sus­tain­able materials.

A Cus­tomiz­able Solution

The out­come of the design process is a sys­tem of binders, box­es, bins, and trays that allow for cus­tomiza­tion and flexibility:

  • Binders are great for orga­niz­ing uphol­stery tex­tile tip cards. Our new binders are designed with flex­i­ble spines that adjust to the spa­tial con­straints of shelves.
  • XL Binders are made to con­tain wider pages and tipcards.
  • Box­es with a deep-cut angle can be used to hold and peruse our wall­cov­er­ing tipcards.
  • Bins are stack­able and ide­al for stor­age of uphol­stery memo samples.
  • Trays that fit three across in a bin are per­fect for hold­ing Scuff­mas­ter® fan­decks and paint chips.

When placed side-by-side, the com­po­nents fit togeth­er perfectly!

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Upgrade Your Library

A Wolf-Gordon account executive will be happy to assist you and your library administrator in working out a cataloging system for your tipcards and memo samples, tailored to your needs. Wolf-Gordon's Kit of Parts consists of three-ring binders (in two sizes), angle-cut boxes, storage bins, and biodegradable pulp trays. The binders, boxes, and bins can be identified with our pre-printed labels, or an account executive can create labels based on your preferences.