Coordinates cover

Lookbook: Coordinates WG Design Studio

Wallcovering Wall Protection Upholstery


Made for modular seating
34 Colorways

RAMPART® Wall Protection

Impact-resistant companion patterns
18 Colorways

Contract Wallcovering

Compatible shapes, textures, and colors
50 Colorways

Spring 2020


Looking to our past to re-connect with the essentials that drive us forward, our "Coordinates" release brings together compatible shapes, complementary patterns and harmonious colors. Designed to work with each other in multiple combinations, the patterns act as building blocks towards a bright future.

Kitchen Utensils

Color Trends

The feeling of "Optimism" drove our color lines, bringing together a sense of playfulness and energy through bright corals, golden yellows, and emerald greens, while maintaining calm in a time of uncertainty through pure whites, warm browns, and honest grays.

Full Collection

ROY 6425

7 Colorways

SCR 6401

19 Colorways

SCE 6453

9 Colorways

VSC 5169
Vicious Circle

7 Colorways

HLP 52372
Holding Pattern

3 Colorways

TGU 5137
Tangled Up

17 Colorways

WSW 9561

19 Colorways

BDW 8 3655

12 Colorways

BWL 8 3668
Broadwick Lane

7 Colorways

GLZ 5726

6 Colorways

TMR 5703

12 Colorways