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Lookbook: Repeat Offenders Ghislaine Viñas


Holding Pattern

Digitally printed Type II and Mylar® wallcovering
3 Colorways

Vicious Circle

Bleach-cleanable Type II wallcovering
7 Colorways

Tangled Up

Bleach-cleanable Type II wallcovering
17 Colorways



Ghis­laine Viñas came up with the name for this col­lec­tion after her research in our exten­sive archives. There she found dis­con­tin­ued pat­terns and col­or­ways to make into repeat offend­ers” — a humor­ous spin on their mod­ern­ized reap­pear­ance. An explo­ration of vin­tage fash­ion and beau­ty trends from the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s also played a part in the evo­lu­tion of the designs. A com­mon ele­ment that Viñas respond­ed to was the use of cir­cu­lar forms and the sense of com­fort and plea­sure derived from them. How­ev­er, to shake things up a bit,” she intro­duced lin­ear aspects into each design to inter­act with the round­ed forms. What result­ed are three pat­terns that riff on the past, pre­sent­ing a tongue-in-cheek twist on the col­ors, scales, and forms found in the old­er designs.

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Ghislaine Viñas

Born in the Netherlands and raised in South Africa, Ghislaine began her design journey studying interior design at Philadelphia University. After graduating and moving to New York City, she started out designing commercial office spaces and later established her firm in 1999. Since then the studio has completed many residential, commercial and hospitality projects ranging from apartments, townhouses, lofts, offices and even a coffee shop in New York City, to offices and homes across the country.

A firm believer in the ‘aesthetics of happiness’, Ghislaine Viñas runs her internationally renowned design firm on daily collaboration and experimentation. Ghislaine's international background allows her to design with a visionary approach, one in which she is constantly collecting inspiration from the everyday and everywhere. The firm is known for their unique vision and “out of the box” thinking and are adept at providing strong creative direction for both existing brands and new ventures beyond interiors.

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