Riley 9

Lookbook: Harmonies Wolf-Gordon

Wallcovering Upholstery

Woven Upholstery

Polyester Blend
26 Colorways

Coated Upholstery

17 Colorways

Product Release, 2019


Curat­ed to har­mo­nize with Riley and Stel­la, two woven uphol­stery pat­terns, Raphael and Claude, have also been added. Round­ing out the col­lec­tion is Maya, a sim­ple sol­id-coat­ed uphol­stery textile.

Product Inspiration

When developing Riley and Stella—her first textile designs for Wolf-Gordon—our upholstery designer, Kathrin, combined her knowledge of fabric weaving with artists' works that inspired her. The signature Op Art style of English painter Bridget Riley was one of the influences for this new Sunbrella® Contract textile pattern.

The dynamism of some of Riley’s compositions from the 1960’s—where she melded clean lines with simple, repeated shapes in dizzying configurations— is evident in this playful design. As your eye travels through the “peepholes” in each solid-colored ground, a herringbone pattern of closely related hues emerges. Each colorway will maintain its vibrancy, whether exposed to UV light or repeat cleaning.