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October 2019

WonderWood®, London Chic & More

Leading the pack of our "Texture & Grain" collection are our 12 new WonderWood® wallcoverings, furnishing interiors with the warmth and richness of traditional wood panels in lightweight, easy-to-install material. Engineered from genuine wood veneer, these patterns introduce "cerusing," an artisan technique that emphasizes the texture and character of the wood grain.

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WonderWood® wallcoverings are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood panels. Constructed from the logs of fast-growing trees, the panels are then prefinished with a clear matte lacquer in a lightweight, easy-to-install sheet material.

Fabricated from logs sourced from sustainable tree farms, Wolf-Gordon’s proprietary process starts with rotary-peeled slices of these logs, which are dyed, stacked, pressed into large blocks, and then sliced at varying angles into veneers, simulating the optimal color and grain of common, as well as exotic, species.

Each piece of veneer is unique and individual, just like the tree it is sourced from.

The Collection

Wwdf 218 8

24 Colorways

Wst 8-3610M
Walthamstow Mylar

3 Colorways

Gsq 8-3628
Granary Square

12 Colorways

Hug 3321

16 Colorways

Lyr 3381

19 Colorways

Mru 3284 8

19 Colorways

Sdy 3345

19 Colorways

Grv 2900 8

20 Colorways

Tuf 9506

9 Colorways

Obt 9461

13 Colorways