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Lookbook: In Winter

Wallcovering Upholstery Digital Wallcovering

City Echo

Digital Wallcovering by Me and General Design

Prairie and Dew Drops

Digital Wallcovering by Larry Emerson

Arboreal and Tree Collage

Digital Wallcovering by Ajay Malghan

Inverness and Skye

Tekloom® Hybrid Upholstery
9 Colorways

Opus and Aria

PVC-Free Type II Wallcovering


Contract Wallcovering
10 Colorways


Contract Wallcovering
7 Colorways

This Season's Latest Products

In Winter

Winter Inspiration

We’re ski­ing into this sea­son with pat­terns, col­ors and tex­tures that keep our spir­its elevated!

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About Our Products

City Echo

Digital Wallcovering | Me and General Design

Like the interior environments created by Me and General Design, City Echo is designed to elevate the human spirit. Dimensional “buildings” are brought to life through a fine herringbone pattern, staggered to create a dynamic cityscape. While the pattern is featured in three standard colorways, our WG Customs Lab can modify the size, scale and color to meet your needs.

Dew Drops and Prairie

Digital Wallcovering | Larry Emerson

Dew Drops and Prairie express photographer Larry Emerson’s keen eye and love of nature. Whether capturing the glistening drops on blades of grass or the graceful sweep of ornamental prairie grass, this biophilic imagery engenders an appreciation of nature’s beauty that is often overlooked.

Arboreal and Tree Collage

Digital Wallcovering | Ajay Malghan

Tree Collage and Arboreal were created for our Curated Collection by Indian-American artist Ajay Malghan. These experimental works based on tree landscapes have an ethereal quality, making a contemplative subject for feature walls.

Inverness and Skye

Hybrid Upholstery | Tekloom®

Graffiti-proof, PVC-free and impermeable, these playful Tekloom® upholstery patterns fuse a woven fabric with the performance of a coated textile. Great for healthcare interiors, Skye and Inverness will stand up to diluted bleach and various cleaners/disinfectants.

Opus and Aria

CLAIR® | PVC-Free Type II Wallcovering

Our latest CLAIR® patterns, Opus and Aria, bring organic textures and layers of color to our rapidly growing PVC-Free collection. Opus is a heathered textile effect and chunky fabric texture. A soft matte finish and striated print convey the warmth of a woolen sweater. Aria's abstract wood look includes brushed color gradients arranged in rectangular segments. A richly textured textile embossing meshes with a gradated color for an overall effect of hand-dyed fabric.

Hurley and Carrara

Contract Wallcovering

Raw materials are making their way into many parts of shared spaces. For walls, this season, we've focused on natural stones and textures. Our first pattern, Hurley, is an homage to renowned architect Paul Rudolph’s iconic Hurley Building in Boston. This wallcovering is an adaptation of Rudolph's signature corduroy concrete. The second pattern, Carrara, is inspired by a faux marble backdrop seen at a Paris fashion show, detailed with soft veins of color. Four of the neutral shades are sprinkled with glowing Mylar® highlights.