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Lookbook: Into the Woods

Wood Veneer Wallcovering

101 Mission Penthouse Office

RAMPART® Wall Protection

BrightWave Marketing Agency

RAMPART® Wall Protection

Brooklyn Law School

RAMPART® Resolve™

PVC-free Wall Protection


PVC-free, Type II Wallcovering

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Herringbone Etch

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"Origins" Woods from our Curated Collection

Bringing Nature Indoors

Embracing Biophilic Design

Integrating natural materials and patterning into interiors promotes a connection to the Great Outdoors. More than ever before, biophilic materials, colors, and patterns positively impact our physical and mental wellbeing. In acknowledgement of this fact, Wolf-Gordon celebrates wood and wood looks across different materials and product categories, with a special emphasis on sustainability.

  • We offer the industry’s widest range of real wood wallcoverings in the form of Wood Veneers, WonderWood®, and BildenWood, all sourced from managed forests.
  • Patterns such as Taiga and Pando in CLAIR® PVC-free, Type II wallcovering are ideal design solutions for biophilic interiors pursuing green building certification.
  • For high-performing, flexible wall protection, check out our new Inyo pattern in RAMPART® Resolve™, a PVC-free alternative that meets RAMPART's performance and stain resistance standards. RAMPART also offers wood-inspired designs, Grain and Douglas.
  • Wood constructions, based on artifacts in the Museum of New Mexico’s collection, can be digitally printed on PVC-free substrates that offer superior resolution and Type II performance.
  • Finally, our Type II contract wallcoverings—Grove, Boscage, Grange, and Herringbone Etch, to name a few—add several more wood look options.
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Wood Installations

101 Mission Penthouse Office

As a perfect pairing with the natural light of this San Francisco office building, our Wood Veneer wallcovering adds a layer of warmth to a corporate office space. Located in the reception area, kitchen, and conference rooms, our Walnut, Flat Cut creates a focal point in each area where it is installed.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Design: Huntsman Architectural Group

Photographer: Jasper Sanidad

Brooklyn Law School

RAMPART® is a great solution for high-traffic areas, which made it a perfect fit for Brooklyn Law School. BKSK Architects and Interiors put RAMPART Grain flexible wall protection to the test by wrapping columns and dividers, giving them the appearance of solid wood. Grain’s vertical embossing and matte finish contribute to the natural look and feel of the space.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Design: BKSK Architects and Interiors

Photographer: R Koch


The woodgrain pattern, Douglas, adds character to the entrance of BrightWave, an award-winning email marketing agency in Atlanta. Workplace interior design firm Idea|Span chose the "Teak" colorway to coordinate with a wood plank tile floor, and contrast with the brilliant blue upholstered furniture and backlit panels that showcase the firm's logo.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Design: Idea|Span

Photographer: Jim Roof