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Lookbook: Learning Spaces WG Design Studio

Wallcovering Wall Protection Upholstery


Acoustical fabric for walls and upholstery

Woven Upholstery

Made for modular seating
34 Colorways

Coated Upholstery

Textiles that hold up to new cleaning protocols
18 Colorways

RAMPART® Wall Protection

Resistant to impact and heavy abuse
50 Colorways

Materials for Education

Important conversations are taking place across all industries on how interiors can be redesigned to better protect our health, safety, and welfare. For K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, uncertainty remains as plans for reopening are being determined. COVID-19 is teaching us that designing for well-being is a major goal.

Higher Cleaning Standards:

  • Products like bleach and other disinfectants, which meet the EPA criteria for use against the coronavirus, will inspire more confidence in keeping students of all ages safe.
  • Antimicrobial finishes that can weaken or kill pathogens are in demand for high-touch surfaces.
  • Although evidence suggests that it’s harder to catch the virus from a soft surface such as fabric, routine cleaning and disinfecting is recommended.


  • Designing for cleaning and disinfecting by specifying smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces will help lower the risk of infection.
  • Cleaning protocols, especially for common touch surfaces, will need to be enhanced and more visible to help students and staff feel more at ease.
  • Upholstery textiles for communal spaces, such as libraries, dining halls, and study centers, must be inviting and able to withstand heavy abuse.

Spatial Planning:

  • Space planning with social distancing in mind may require sound-absorbing moveable barriers, allowing for more flexible spaces.
  • Communal settings such as libraries and study centers will benefit from furniture that can be easily rearranged.
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Color Trends

  • Creative color schemes for gathering places such as cafeterias and residence halls can make students feel more connected to the college community.
  • Incorporating natural colors and materials into these schemes will be essential in providing a buffer for students who are in a stressful academic environment.

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