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Lookbook: Me and General Design Through the Lens


Back to Brooklyn

Me and General chose graphic murals and warm furnishings to unify the amenity spaces at Hoyt and Horn.

Modern History

Once America’s largest office building, NYC’s 25 Broad Street, is now home to spacious condos influenced by hospitality design.

Industrial Living

The 1950’s Brillo Pad factory at 200 Water Street was given a face lift with modern condo residences.

Child's Play

A custom chalkboard, reading nooks, and tongue-and-cheek wallpaper make for a whimsical children's playroom at The Melar apartments.

Surf's Up

SWICK Board 2.0 is a fun, sustainable solution that turns unwanted surfboards into custom-crafted WiFi speakers.

So Good

Their passion for mixing elements, breaking rules, and defying trends is evident in M&GD's "So Good" collection—designed in collaboration with Wolf-Gordon.

Meet Me and General Design

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Behind the Design

Me and General Design is a Brooklyn-based boutique interior design studio founded in 2012. The firm specializes in new residential buildings and restorations, hospitality and retail design, along with designing and renovating private homes.

Wife and husband entrepreneurs Cristina Casañas-Judd and General Judd each had former careers as collaborators in large-scale production ensembles, charged with creating mood and personality and, ultimately, entertaining. With what better arsenal to veer off into the interior design world?

Known for pushing creative boundaries while building beautiful spaces, M&GD also create bold, unique products with a vision to shape lifestyles rather than just the scene. For Wolf-Gordon, the team designed four digitally-printed wallcoverings on Mylar®—Echo, Nouveau, Vista and Perch—with both Echo and Nouveau further developed into rotogravure versions.