Press cork upholstery

Cork Upholstery and Wallcovering

November 8, 2018

We've expanded our natural materials collection with the introduction of eight new Cork products that work for upholstery or wallcovering. The sustainable collection utilizes all parts of the cork bark, including residual elements, to form intricate designs, while meeting the performance demands of the contract market.

Cork, primarily sourced in its raw state from Portugal, is an environmentally friendly option; once the bark of a live cork oak tree is stripped, it will regenerate every 9–10 years, allowing new bark to grow while maintaining the grove’s ecological processes.

In addition, the wallcoverings feature a Class A fire rating, mildew and rot resistance, and act as a natural insulator with acoustical properties. The upholstery offerings meet all ACT performance standards, rate 100,000 Wyzenbeek double-rubs, are impervious to dirt and liquids, and are even hypoallergenic.